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Our Galapagos Adventures website offers you information about cruises on our yacht the Fragata, tour itineraries, Islands descriptions, Ecuador travel tips and a comprehensive travel planner to help you put everything together into the journey of a lifetime.

The Galapagos Islands are located 600 miles west of Ecuador in South America and offer some of the most spectacular wildlife encounters. Adventures on board a small yacht can put you face to face with Marine Iguanas & giant tortoises.

At no other place on earth will you find penguins which live on the equator (The Galapagos Penguin) or iguanas which swim and feed in the ocean (The Marine Iguanas)! Because these islands have only recently been visited by humans, the literally 1000s of animals that inhabit these islands have never learned to fear man.

You can literally walk right up to blue-footed boobie birds, red-footed boobie birds, masked boobie birds, albatrosses, penguins, land iguanas, marine iguanas, lava lizards, sea lions, fur seals, red-chested frigate birds, flamingos, finches, tropic birds, lava gulls, giant tortoises, and flightless cormorants. The marine life which inhabits the waters that surround the Galapagos archipelago is just as fantastic as the wildlife found on shore making Galapagos one of the best dive destinations in the world.

Having said all this about the Islands its time to tell you how to plan your Galapagos Adventures, so that this amazing destination is visited in comfort and ease. As you read through the site you will find all the details for planning a carefree adventure in the Islands of Darwins wake.

If you feel the need for assistance or specific information about travelling to the Islands, contact one of our adventure advisors and it will be a pleasure to custom design the right trip for you. You can call us from around the world to Ecuador our phone number is +593 2 2866898 also toll free: 1-800-747-0567 from U.S. and Canada or just drop an email to: reservations(@)

Here is a summary of what you will find on our site to help you plan your Galapagos Adventures: